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Secret of OM pronunciation

The secret of OM pronunciation

There is a compulsion to write Om to Om, otherwise, it is ॐ. Now you think about how to pronounce it? This sign of Om 'ॐ ' is amazing. It is a symbol of the entire universe. Many sky Ganges is spread like this. Brahma means expansion, spread, and spread. More than 100 meanings of the Omkar sound have been given. It is eternal and symbolizes the state of infinity and nirvana.

Einstein has also said that the Brahman is spreading. Lord Mahavira had said before Einstein. It is mentioned in the Vedas before Mahavira. Mahavir did not read the Vedas and said when he looked down into the deep depths of meditation, he said.

ॐ is called Om. In that too, there is more emphasis on 'O'. It is also called Pranav Mantra. This is the √ mantra × all the rest. The beginning of this mantra is not the end. It is the soundless sound of the universe. Anahata does not mean any kind of clash or sound produced by the combination of two things or hands. It is also called Anhad. It continues uninterrupted throughout the universe.

The ascetics and mediators heard in the deep state of meditation that there is a sound that is heard continuously, both inside and outside the body. Everywhere, the same sound continues continuously and by listening to it the mind and soul feel peace, so they named that sound Om.

An ordinary man cannot hear that sound, but whoever keeps chanting Om, the positive energy starts to develop around him. Yet to listen to that sound it is necessary to be completely silent and in meditation. Anyone who starts listening to that sound starts connecting directly to the divine. The simple way to connect with God is to keep chanting ॐ.

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Symbol of Tridev and Trilokya

The word is composed of three sounds - A, U, M. The meaning of these three sounds also comes in the Upanishads. It is also a symbol of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh and it is a symbol of who-Loka, bhava-Loka, and heaven people.

Shun disease 

Monocular Mantras also have special significance in Tantra Yoga. Each word in the Devanagari script has been given the form of a mantra by placing a reminder. For example, Co., Khan, Gan, Gh, etc. Similarly, Shrin, Klein, Green, Hoon, Phat, etc. are also counted in monolithic mantras.

All mantras are pronounced with the combined effect of the air coming out of the tongue, lips, palate, teeth, throat, and lungs. The sound emanating from it hits all the chakras of the body and the hormone-secreting glands. By controlling the secretion of these glands, diseases can be banished away.

 Method of pronunciation

 Get up early in the morning and chant the Omkar sound. It can be pronounced by sitting in Padmasana, Ardhapadmasana, Sukhasana, Vajrasana. It can be pronounced 5, 7, 10, 21 times according to its time. हैं can speak loudly, speak slowly. ॐ Chanting can also be done with garland.

Its benefits

 This will help the body and mind to concentrate. The heartbeat and circulation will settle. It cures mental illnesses. The working power increases. Both its pronunciation and its hearer are benefited. In its pronunciation, purity is taken care of.

Fluctuation of impulses in the body

Both the listener and the speaker feel the impulses of joy, sadness, anger, hatred, fear, and libido by the sound of beloved or unpleasant words. The sound emanating from unpleasant words causes a heartbeat to be triggered by the feeling of work, anger, fascination, fear, greed, etc. due to which 'toxic' substances are produced in the blood. In the same way, the sound of the words dear and auspicious, like the nectar on the brain, heart, and blood, pour forth the harmful chemical.

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