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How Science and Occult Science Work

How Science and Occult Science Work

Inductive method of science

Science takes an Aristotelian, inductive approach to move from the particular to the general, rather like putting together the individual pieces of a puzzle: discrete observational data are collected and gradually fitted into a general picture. , the latter is a mental representation model of physical effects. . Saw the mind process is primarily intellectual, applied in a linear mode. The instruments of inquiry are limited and conditioned by the five physical senses and their extensions, such as telescopes and microscopes. The result is an accurate description of the appearance, behavior, and physical processes of the universe—nature in all its forms. , the conventional scientific paradigm of materialism contains many unsupported and unfounded assumptions. Physical or mathematical modeling is a central feature of the scientific method of inquiry. This means that science is not about truth or knowledge, but about the interpretation of the physical world.

Hypothetical Method of Gupta Science

In contrast, the occult sciences work in the Platonic tradition of passing from the general to the particular within the ring pass-knots (i.e. limiting the boundaries of evolutionary development) of each world system: the overall, grand picture is first realized in its essential nature. . is completed And the way it presented itself in the form of special effects, then details. The process of mind is essentially 'lateral thinking' and intuitive knowledge, implemented in an all-encompassing mode. The tools of exploration are not limited to the physical senses. It provides deep insight into the origin of nature, its essential nature and manifestation in its true self.

Confluence between science and magic

Why are many scientists embracing mysticism?

A review of the worldwide directory of members of scientific and medical networks will indicate this fact. In addition, the faculty and students of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology formed an Alchemical Society and regularly studied The Secret Doctrine. During Millikan's tenure at Cal Tech, demand for a copy of The Secret Doctrine in the library was such that one had to put one's name on a long waiting list. The work is discussed periodically by many chemistry teachers, including MIT professors at the Harvard Club in New York.

So, why so much interest in mysticism and occult science? We mentioned above that when examining something in a scientific manner, we can stand aloof and describe its appearance, behavior and properties (despite the discovery of quantum physics). But to understand its inner nature from a mystical perspective, we must literally become what we want to investigate—or at least participate in. This is why esotericism always works from the inside out and prefers to investigate nature by participating in its processes rather than questioning its external behavior.

It was on the basis of such inner insights that Blavatsky was able to make prophetic comments about the future development of natural science in The Secret Doctrine, for example:

The wave motion of living particles is intelligible on the basis of a metaphysical One Life, based on a universal vital principle, independent of our matter, and manifested only as atomic energy beneath our consciousness.

The above statement demonstrates prior knowledge of three facts now accepted by science, namely: (a) energy between atoms; (b) wave-like nature of particles and particle-like nature of waves; and (c) particle vitality and 'consciousness'. Blavatsky was probably the first to use the terms 'atomic energy' and 'wave motion of living particles', which science discovered using its own methods of investigation.

In the life sciences, we find similar strange statements, such as:

It is not against zoological and anthropological discoveries based on human and animal fossils, that every mystic and believer in a divine soul inwardly revolts, but only against those which are built on preconceived principles and adapted to certain superstitions. Against drawing unnecessary conclusions.. .

Inexplicably driven by the pressure of their own discoveries, and the increasingly incoherent theories to answer them, scientists are slowly waking up to the truth of Blavatsky's claims. It will be clear soon.

So in view of the foregoing, it is not surprising that the greatest scientists of the past and present have realized the limits of the process of scientific inquiry and felt the need for a more intuitive approach.

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