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Reason for Crescent Mark On The Nails

What happens if there is a crescent mark on the nails

Reason for crescent mark on the nails
Reason for a crescent mark on the nails

The importance of different lines or marks on the palm of the hand such as cross or cut, triangle, sesame, or any other mark is just as important as different shapes of nails or different spots, stains, etc. on the nails.

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If you notice the nails very well, multiple signs can be seen. Each sign indicates something or another. If you look closely at the base of someone's nails, you can see crescent-shaped marks. This mark is usually seen at the origin of the nail. What are the characteristics of this white mark compared to the color of the nails? What does this sign indicate?

If there is this mark on the index finger of Jupiter, it indicates promotion or any kind of improvement. Indicates receiving any good news. In the case of Jupiter, this sign indicates auspicious fruit.

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Having this mark on the middle or Saturn fingernail means gaining from the instrument or parts. Or indicates payment from the instrument.

Having a crescent mark on the fingernails of Anamika or Robi indicates an increase in social status. It is understood that the addition of respect is imminent.

Having crescent marks on the fingernails of the youngest or Mercury indicates business improvement or profit from the business.

These signs may be congenital in some cases or maybe seen for a few days.


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